Ideas Bank is a platform for creating, discussing and promoting reform and development projects in Belarus. Any person who wants to contribute to the development of the country can become a participant and user of the platform.

The principle on which the Ideas Bank is based is “reforms owned by people”, i.e. the architects and builders of Belarus should be its citizens. Reforms and the path of development of the country should not be imposed by anyone “from above” or “from outside”.

A tool for creating the future of Belarus

We systematize

We systematize and promote the already developed reform projects.

We form

We form communities to develop, discuss and promote new projects.

We organize

We organize the discussion of project ideas among professional communities, civil society, and citizens in general.


Top projects

Economy | 1/17/2024


Какие товары должна экспортировать Беларусь? Отвечают эксперты BEROC

В исследовании «Оценка экспортной корзины Беларуси и перспектив ее диверсификации» эксперты BEROC проанализировали экономическую сложность экспорта и предложили четыре меры, которые помогут диверсифицировать экспортную корзину в сторону более сложных конкурентоспособных товаров.

Энергетика | 8/25/2023


Энергоснабжение Беларуси в случае остановки поставок энергоресурсов из РФ

В рамках данной работы были выполнены расчеты влияния прекращения поставок энергоресурсов из Российской Федерации в Беларусь.

Economy | 1/24/2024


Межотраслевые взаимосвязи и их влияние на повестку реформ

В исследовании «Межотраслевые взаимосвязи и их влияние на повестку реформ» экономисты BEROC Дмитрий Крук и Виолетта Панасевич выявляют стержневые и ключевые отрасли беларусской экономики и формулируют рекомендации в контексте институциональных реформ

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October 12, 2023



Who is the initiator of the Ideas Bank platform?

The community of the largest and most famous Belarusian research centers: BEROC, CASE-Belarus, BIPART, Center for New Ideas, Political Sphere, Center for European Transformation, Belarus Security Blog, BISS, East Center.

What are the functions of the Ideas Bank?


The Ideas Bank platform is a place where reform and development projects for the new Belarus are systematized and discussed. The thematic bank of projects is divided into 6 sections:
  • Politics
  • Economy
  • Law
  • Education, science, culture
  • Healthcare
  • Ecology

In each of them you can find ready-made projects that are already included in our database.

Ideas Bank projects are a public good. That is, the ideas, proposals, mechanisms that they contain can be freely — in any scale and combination — used by any interested parties. The Ideas Bank team welcomes any steps for additional promotion, as well as the implementation of these ideas, proposals, mechanisms in practice.


The posted projects are largely the final product. Before becoming one, we consider it important to ensure an open to discussion and criticism, inclusive and transparent process for developing such projects.

To do this, the Ideas Bank promotes the cooperation of interested people through the creation of research communities.


Using the Ideas Bank platform, everyone will be able to find a way to express and promote their opinions, their interests. This can be participation in open discussions regarding projects under development, commenting and reviewing prepared projects. In addition, on the platform of the Ideas Bank, everyone will be able to initiate the development of their own project within the framework of a particular thematic block included in the Ideas Bank. We also intend to provide feedback through questionnaires and surveys, in which anyone can take part. It is also planned to implement an open feedback form in the Ideas Bank, through which anyone in a free form will be able to formulate their requests, wishes and ideas.


As a rule, the inclusion of a project in the Ideas Bank will be preceded by an open discussion about it. In addition to such regular discussions and seminars, on the basis of the Ideas Bank, wider public events can be organized in terms of topics and composition of participants in the form of conferences, seminars, public hearings, etc.

What is the point of engaging in reform and development projects now? After all, there is a political crisis in the country and there are no prospects for overcoming it yet. What kind of reforms and development can be discussed?

We follow the famous aphorism of Socrates: “The secret of change is to focus on creating the new, not fighting the old”. We are confident that conscious own interests in society, the presence of a clearly articulated image of the future for oneself are the key to inevitable changes for the better.

The political crisis will end sooner or later. After that, it will be inappropriate to waste time searching for answers to the question — “what next?”. It is much better when by this moment the corresponding palette of responses in society has already been formed.

How can I contribute to the development of the country with the Ideas Bank?

Any person interested in the development of Belarus can use the projects submitted to the Ideas Bank for their own needs and at their own discretion.

By registering on the platform as a user, you also get the opportunity to:

  • Comment on any projects posted in the Ideas Bank.
  • Participate in discussions and public Ideas Bank events.
  • Join existing communities that are focused on learning and making suggestions on specific topics and issues.
  • Initiate the creation of a community by suggesting an appropriate topic and describing the related issues.

By registering on the platform as an expert, you also get the opportunity to:

  • Review Ideas Bank projects within your competence.
  • Submit include your finished project in the Ideas Bank.
  • Initiate the development of new projects by involving other experts and users of the platform.
  • Initiate a public event on the platform (seminar, discussion, public hearings, etc.).
I have a good idea. How can I submit my project to the Ideas Bank and how can it be useful for my idea?

In order for your project to be included in the Ideas Bank, you need to go to the projects page, click the "Submit a project" button, briefly describe and attach a link to the project materials.

The Ideas Bank can be useful for your project as a platform for discussion, its popularization and promotion. As a rule, the inclusion of each project in the Ideas Bank will be preceded by an open public event to discuss it. In addition, we can help establish professional communications regarding your project.

Also, the Ideas Bank will allow your project to receive a public assessment of the strengths and weaknesses. Each project in the Ideas Bank will receive at least one review from other professionals in the relevant field. In addition, projects are open to comments, criticism and support from the general public. Finally, the socially important components of your project can be included in questionnaires and surveys, which will allow you to better understand the reaction of the general public to such ideas and proposals.

How to get expert status on the platform?

To do this, you need to request the appropriate status in the registration form and confirm your competencies. One of the forms of confirmation of one's competence can be a direct draft of the project, the quality of which will be assessed by professionals in the relevant field.

In addition, it can be any other evidence of competence: professional experience in the relevant field, educational background, publications, etc.

Are there any restrictions for projects in the Ideas Bank depending on the subject, content?

The Ideas Bank is open to any projects that correspond to the declared thematic blocks of public life. The Ideas Bank does not censor or in any way limit the ideas and content of the proposed projects.

At the same time, we reserve the right to refuse to include projects that in one form or another contain ideas related to discrimination, discord, violence, and the rejection of human rights.

The responsibility for the professional quality of projects rests entirely with their authors. However, if the minimum quality standards in the opinion of the reviewers and the Ideas Bank team are not met, such a project may also be decided not to be included in the Ideas Bank.

I have a good idea. But on the same topic, a project has already been posted in the Ideas Bank. However, it differs from mine in content. Does this mean that my project can no longer be placed in the Ideas Bank?

Not at all. Vice versa. The more different approaches, points of view displayed in the projects of the Ideas Bank, the better for choosing a development path. Therefore, the presence of several, sometimes alternative and mutually exclusive projects on the same topic is an absolute advantage. This allows the platform to reflect a more diverse palette of approaches to the image of the future, which is strongly welcomed in the Ideas Bank.

Are there any formal requirements for how the project should be designed and look within the framework of the Ideas Bank?

No, there are no rigidly regulated requirements. Depending on the area and the immediate subject, the design of the project can vary significantly.

At the same time, we recommend that the draft text be presented in the form of an analytical note, following the recommended template as far as possible. We recommend that the project focus on reform and development proposals and their possible implications. At the same time, the supporting part — the theoretical base, the studies carried out, the assessment of the current situation, the starting points — it is desirable that it be presented as concisely as possible. For example, this can best be done by providing only links to relevant studies, etc.

The recommended size of the project in the form of an analytical note is 5-20 pages.

In addition to the analytical note, the authors of the project are recommended to prepare a short presentation based on it. It can be placed in the Ideas Bank along with the main project, and can also be used for seminars, discussions, hearings, etc.

Why are research centers the initiators of the Ideas Bank?

Today in Belarus there is a great public demand for determining the directions of the country's development, a corresponding broad public discussion. However, many of the tools that are used for this in the world cannot be used in Belarus in the current situation.

In this situation, Belarusian research centers, possessing the necessary professional competencies, decided to join their efforts to create a platform that would facilitate this process.

The Ideas Bank, being established by research centers, has every chance of becoming an acceptable platform for any interested party to develop ideas, concepts and projects for the new Belarus.

Research centers do not have the capacity and competence to implement the proposed reform and development projects. All projects in the Ideas Bank are a public good. Any interested parties can use them in their own interests, implementing both on a national scale and in narrower areas.

The Ideas Bank was created by research centers. So this is a platform exclusively for scientific, theoretical and other issues out of touch with life?

The Ideas Bank is seen as a platform for formulating reform and development projects that are practical and practical.

Among the authors of projects, along with representatives of research centers, we also expect to see representatives of business, organizations and initiatives of civil society, the scientific community, as well as citizens of any other professions with professional competencies in specific areas of public life.

The primary role of the staff of research centers is to facilitate the process of broad public discussion, its structuring, as well as to evaluate and ensure the quality standards of projects posted in the Ideas Bank.